Seat reservationS at LIVING FAITH


As we begin re-entry to the church after the COVID-19 Pandemic shut-down, you must agree to abide by the following requirements before joining us for an indoor service:

1) You will not attend if you are feeling sick or have a fever. If you are underlying health conditions, we also ask that you do NOT attend an INDOOR service.

2) You will wear a mask at all times. (Those who are leading singing or preaching will remove the masks when they speak/sing, but keep them on at other times.)

3) Families will sit together but you must socially distance by sitting six feet from other unrelated individuals. (Ushers will assist you in finding proper spacing. )

4) Only 1 person at a time will use the bathrooms. (One parent will accompany and help their children as necessary.)

5) There will be no small groups, Connection Cafe or children's church until further notice.

CHRISTMAS EVE at Living Faith